So you get a loan for braces


Ideal for costs around the teeth

Ideal for costs around the teeth

Not only children often need a brace, even in adults, but it is also possible that there is a malposition of the teeth. Teenagers hiss 14 and 19 years most often wear braces. With a brace, a tooth correction can be made, which can often cost 2,000 euros to 5,000 euros.

If then plastic rails are used, it can be even more expensive. Those who can not do without lingual brackets often pay twice as much. Although it is then around 8,000 euros in three or four years, still a lot of money. Statutory health insurance only agrees to early treatment if it is really necessary and the teeth could go wrong. The age of the patient does not matter, the condition of the tooth change is always important.

Patients between the ages of 11 and 18 receive a large number of subsidies from the statutory health insurance. Parents only need to pay for the optional extras, such as thinner wire or smaller brackets. With a special severity, health insurance is then ready to grant a grant. The remaining costs often have to be paid by yourself, which many are not able to do. So there is just for these individuals the opportunity to borrow a brace.

Special features of a loan for a special dental treatment

Special features of a <a href=loan for a special dental treatment” />

Not all dentists work with banks to borrow a brace. The house bank is ready to grant such a loan in the form of a small loan if the credit rating is also correct. Anyone who has an orthodontist who works with a bank can apply for a brace loan directly in the field. Whether this is really cheaper than other lenders, can only be found by comparison. Costs can be saved at an early stage if dental insurance is taken out prior to the treatment and finding that braces are needed.

What should be considered for a brace loan?

What should be considered for a brace loan?

The borrower must pay attention to the interest rate for a brace loan. The differences are between 2.9 and 17.9 percent. So this loan can be quite cheap or very expensive. So no one should be waived in a loan for braces on a comparison so that only a small sum must be included and thus the monthly financial burdens are not too high.

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