Despite the weakness in the Middle East, President Biden is still enjoying a honeymoon with voters



New John Zogby strategies have 59% approval

American voters remain very positive about President Joe Biden‘s work, according to a new poll by John Zogby Strategies. Overall, the new poll shows that the president has an approval rating of 59%, while 40% disagree. The nationwide poll of 1,011 likely voters was conducted online on Thursday May 20th (see methodology here).

Mr Biden maintains near universal support among the Democrats (96% approval, 4% disapproval) and still claims solid majority support among the Independents (55% approval, 42%). Despite ongoing criticism from his party’s left, his approval ratings from self-describing progressives (very liberal, 92%) and liberals (94%) are extremely high – and he also gets good grades from moderates (67% approval, 32% disapproval). Significantly, the new poll shows that one in four Republicans (24%), 28% of self-described conservatives, and 29% of very conservative voters approve of their job. Mr Biden only won 6% of the Republican vote and 11% of the Conservative vote in 2020.

He has the high approval of voters 18-29 (61%) and 30-49 (67%), while he supports the majority of voters 50-64 (53%) and 65 plus (54%). In addition to the solid approval of 91% of black voters, it gets a positive rating from Hispanics (64%) and even 50% of whites. He only won 41% of the white votes in 2020.

With a margin of 60% to 27%, voters say Joe Biden was elected the legitimate President of the United States. This includes 24% of Republican voters, 51% of born again / Evangelical voters, 30% of Conservatives, and 28% of very conservative voters.

Under normal circumstances, a president spends his first hundred days cultivating the public, reaching for unity across the gang, and building a government majority. While the bipartisan strategy within the Beltway has had its limits, it does seem to work well enough with the public. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think we’ve seen these kinds of permit numbers in any early US presidential term since maybe Lyndon B. Johnson in 1963 and 1964.

Of course, that can all change. On a cent. Mr Biden’s virtual hand-off policy in last week’s Israeli-Palestinian crisis did indeed show significant weakness – especially within his own party as the progressives forced him to call for an early ceasefire. However, this poll was conducted entirely in the context of both sides’ bombing and global debate, and did not appear to have any short-term implications for the president’s viewpoint. Nor does it appear that dramatic price increases in the supermarket and at the pump – let alone a poor job report a few weeks ago – have harmed Mr Biden so far. And for now, at least, the Republican disorder and strong propensity for conspiracy theories could fuel his endeavors.

At the moment, Mr. Biden is still enjoying his honeymoon with the public.



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