Iran urges reopening of Taftan border – Newspaper



TAFTAN: Pakistan on Friday again urged Iran to reopen the tax-free trade and travel corridors – known as Zero Point and Rahdari Gate – on the border with Taftan.

The application was made by Assistant Commissioner (AC) Taftan Muhammad Hussain during a meeting with his Iranian counterpart at Rahdari Gate. The meeting focused on the suffering of local residents due to the ongoing closure of trade and travel portals in Taftan, a small town near the Pakistani-Iranian border in the Chagai district.

Muhammad Raza Ekhwan, Marzban Class 2 of the Iranian border town of Mir Javeh, assured AC Taftan that the matter would be dealt with with the relevant authorities and positive news would be expected on the matter, sources said.

Speaking to Dawn, AC Taftan said he had also sent a letter to Marzban Class 1 mentioning the recent meeting, asking him to resume tax-free trade and travel activities under the 1958 agreement between Pakistan and Iran to allow.

Pakistani officials had previously made several similar requests, which, despite assurances from Iranian officials, could not be complied with.

Meanwhile, a protest was held in Taftan against the ongoing closure of trade and travel corridors. Haji Khuda-e-Nazar, President of the Taftan Labor Union, led the rally.

Posted in Dawn, August 28, 2021



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