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“We encourage young Batswana who want to study abroad and discover their potential in Turkish universities to take this opportunity to apply for the Turkish scholarship program,” said Turkish Ambassador to Botswana Meltem Buyukkarkas. It is a government-funded and competitive college scholarship program offered to successful international students and researchers. It aims to expand Turkey’s cooperation with other countries and contribute to regional and global development in many fields. What is special about the program is that the scholarship not only provides a university and departmental place for the candidates in the targeted application program and covers tuition fees, but also includes monthly financial support, accommodation, health insurance and a one-time flight ticket. It also offers a first year of Turkish language learning. In addition to offering a university education, the program aims to provide students with the benefits of social, cultural and academic extracurricular activities during their stay in Turkey. Candidates who meet the application criteria can submit their applications online via https://www.trkiyeburslari.gov.tr until February 20, 2022. Studying in Turkey is both affordable and competitive. With the accumulation of diverse cultures and deep historical roots over the centuries, Turkey attracts international students and academics from all over the world.

According to current figures, Turkey has developed into one of the most international countries in the world with around 150,000 international students, including 17,000 scholarship holders last year. Medicine, engineering and social sciences are the leading fields preferred by international students in Turkey. In the past decade, 14,000 students from many African countries have received Turkish scholarships in various academic programs.

In recent years, several Batswana students have also received scholarships for Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees in Turkish Universities in numerous fields such as International Trade, Health Administration, Public Relations, Sociology, Agriculture, Food Technologies, Energy and others.

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“We are pleased with the growing interest of Batswana students in Turkey’s scholarship program and believe that Turkey can become one of the best educational destinations for young Batswana in the near future,” stressed the envoy.

Providing a high standard of education is a priority area for all countries. The Turkish government stands ready to develop cooperation with Botswana in this important area towards this common goal.

To this end, Turkey and Botswana last year signed a bilateral agreement in the field of higher education, which provides for cooperation between the universities of the two countries, scholarship opportunities, joint academic programs, conferences, student and academic exchanges. We are confident that in the near future we will see tangible results from this commitment and a significant increase in the number of Batswana students benefiting from the Turkish scholarships.

Furthermore, the envoy said: We are pleased that Botho University signed cooperation protocols with two prestigious private Turkish universities last year; Bahcesehir University in Istanbul and Yasar University in Izmir. We are ready to extend this cooperation model to other universities in Botswana. The recently signed bilateral agreement will pave the way for increased cooperation in education, science and technology.

MELTEM BUYUKKARAKAS* is the Turkish Ambassador to Botswana


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